‘Leather and the Environment’ conference

BLC and APLF have now confirmed the date for the ‘Leather and the Environment’ conference. The half-day event, which is sponsored by Lanxess Chemicals and Leather International magazine, will be held on Tuesday March 27, 2012 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre prior to the Asia Pacific Leather Fair (March 28-30).

A compelling programme with presentations from experts and brands offers a global perspective and an opportunity to share in their experiences. Topics will cover:

  • Sustainable Tanning
  • Review of Global Footwear Markets
  • Biodegradability including Life Cycle
  • US Product Safety Legislation
  • Measuring the Cost of Environmental Impact
  • Sustainability – IWAY – The IKEA Way
  • Solar Power in Leather Making

Book online at: http://apps.ubmasia.com/files/mediaobjects/Files/25/Conference/20120327/20120327_Flyer.htm

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