Applicart EVO from Das Comar

17 Oct

The new Applicart EVO has a new and reinforced structure, which allows assembly using a new arrangement of the pistons to allow Das Comar to produce it with working widths of 1800mm and 2400mm. The new structure and piston set-up allow a larger pressure (32 kg/sq cm), which is similar to most known ironing machines.

Applicart EVO is versatile and is not only a machine for the application of transfer foil but also an appropriate machine for ironing. Thanks to the combination of the felt-roller with a silicon belt this machine gives softness and a good touch to the leather as well as a writing effect for nubuck leathers.

The perfect union of the felt-cylinder with the silicon belt makes it possible for the application of a transfer foil on the embossed leather tip. The transfer foil does not stick on the belt and it is easy to clean.

Applicart EVO is equipped with a totally independent spreader trolley, which eases the access to the chromed heated cylinder for the normal maintenance and cleaning operations.

Hal 35, stand B19-C20.

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