Ecco tannery hit by flood

‘Our people are safe. Ecco Leather is taking care of the people who lost their homes and are providing them with accommodation and food.

Ecco Leathers operations in Thailand are obviously stopped for the time being but a recovery plan is being put into place and we believe that from the day the water level is back to normal we will be working day and night to bring our tannery back to full operations’, Panos Mytaros, President, Ecco Leather told Leather International.

Management at the plant is doing its utmost to help employees with food, blankets and shelter. But because of the floods, it is hard work, and much of the supplies have to be transported by small boats.

The tannery and shoe factory in Ayutthaya located 100 km north of Bangkok, are two of Ecco’s eight manufacturing units. The others are located in Pichit further north in Thailand, and in China, Indonesia, Slovakia and the Netherlands.

Ecco plans to deliver leather from their other tanneries in China, Indonesia and Holland and have informed their customers about the current situation in Thailand. A recovery plan for the Ecco shoe factory is also being prepared.

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