Freiberg to host ‘Leather Days’ convention

Programme planning for the convention is in progress and a series of lectures will extend to all process steps of leather manufacturing – beamhouse, tannage, wet-end and finishing. New or improved product properties, new technological approaches to resolve environmental or quality related issues as well as relations between certain material properties and applied technology will be discussed. Furthermore, participants will get information on interdisciplinary topics such as professional education in the leather industry or changes in legal regulations. During the afternoon of the first day the annual VGCT general meeting will take place.

The evening between both convention days will include a social get-together of participants and speakers including the presentation of the winners of the junior award and honorary award of VGCT.

The VGCT commissions ‘Leather Auxiliaries’ and ‘Leather Testing and Assessment’ will use the event in Freiberg for their regular meetings prior to the convention on April 24.

Those who are interested are invited to join the Freiberg Leather Days convention which will be held in a place with a long tradition in education and research for the leather industry. The conference programme as well as all formal information will be available in January 2012.

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