Gas shortage causing leather sector to shutdown

09 Jan

Chairman of the Sindh zone of the Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA), Khurshid Ahmed said the gas shortage has resulted in complete closure of the boilers, spray finishing plants and dyeing drums.
‘The leather manufacturing and processing has been adversely affected as a whole rendering exporters unable to meet export orders’, Khurshid said.
His is concerned that the export of leather and leather products would not be able to achieve their production targets and make shipments on due dates in compliance with agreements with their customers in foreign countries. The exporters may have to face penalties or cancellations of orders owing to shipments’ failure.
He urged upon the SSGC (local gas supplier) to ensure supply of gas to the export-oriented leather industry with full pressure and exempt it from gas shortages on Sundays also so that businesses may continue to focus on manufacturing.

Source: Pakistan Daily Times

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