Heusch launch stainless steel fleshing blade

According to Managing Director, Thomas Schaefer, Excalibur will set a new benchmark for the high-performance fleshing of hides and skins.

Hanns-Peter Spaniol, Heusch Director Technology confirmed: ‘This product will stay unrivalled in the market as we apply a new production process, which we registered for a patent.’

Prior to Excalibur it was considered impossible to forge a stainless steel blade with good characteristics for hardness and flexibility. It has been either corrosion-free or hard and flexible.

The rust-proofed Excalibur is not compromised with regards to hardness and flexibility. Measurements confirmed a hardness of 62 Rockwell. Tests at the laboratories of the RWTH Aachen recorded a flexibility factor of 1.25. Both values underline the high performance of the new stainless steel blade.

Jochen Hall, Sales Director explains: ‘The new blades will have up to 30% longer durability. This will improve productivity and decrease costs for re-blading.’

With the new technology Heusch are able to supply customers’ blades, which will not leave rust marks on skins and hides.

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