JBS Itumbiara visit after World Leather Congress

JBS Group is the largest Brazilian exporter of leather and the largest animal protein processing company in the world. The tannery in Itumbiara began operations in 2010 and is regarded as a model of technology and innovation. In Itumbiara, the participants of the congress will be able to see the modern and efficient production line, which has been set-up to improve working conditions. 

Itumbiara has also been installed with some of the most modern tannery equipment in the industry. The plant is fully automated with a modern and complete laboratory for physical and chemical testing.

Over 1,200 employees work at Itumbiara and JBS Group intend to increase this number up to 1,400 by the end of the year. This tannery has been developed to produce crust and finished leather for the automotive and furniture segments and the building covers a surface area of 60,000 sq m. The plant has also been installed with the latest water, energy and chemical efficient processes to reduce costs and the environmental impact.

Once 20 or more delegates attending the World Leather Congress in Rio have confirmed the visit to the JBS plant a charter flight will be arranged to fly delegates on the one-hour return flight from Rio to the tannery.

The World Leather Congress takes place at the Hotel Sofitel on Copacabana beach in Rio and is organised by the International Council of Tanners, CICB and Couromoda fairs, in conjunction with the World Footwear Congress which takes place in the same location on November 7-8.

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