Leather sector visit JBS Itumbiara

More than 50 representatives from the leather sector, including tanners, chemical and machinery suppliers and journalists visited the JBS Couros unit to see the most modern leather factory in Brazil if not in the entire world, having the opportunity to check the latest technologies for the tanning sector and also what is probably the biggest leather processing unit in the world.

The visit had an important meaning for the Brazilian Industry, showing that the country isn’t just a commodity producer but also a modern supplier of high quality, finished products with high value added for the main global markets.

During the congress, the fragmentation of the leather sector and need for more synergy among the industry was widely debated. Following the discussions, the technical visit, with participants from 12 different countries, had an important role to strength the sector and develop an improved interaction with each other. 

According to Wolfgang Goerlich, president of the CICB (Center for the Brazilian Tanning Industry), the visit to Itumbiara was a way to close the World Leather Congress with ‘Golden Keys’, bringing together many representatives of the leather industry.

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