PTA hold annual elections

The members of the Central Executive committee of the PTA elected for the year 2011-2012 are:

Amanullah Aftab, Hafiz Tannery, Karachi

Badre Alam, Badre Alam Traders, Lahore

Faraz Haleem, Muhammad Shafi Tanneries, Karachi

Fawwad Shafi, Ravi Agencies, Lahore

Khurshid Alam, Leather Connections, Lahore

Muhammad Musaddiq, Siddiq Leather Works, Lahore

Muhammad Shafi, Mateen Brothers, Karachi

Naeem Akhtar, H Sadar Ali Akhtar Ali, Lahore,

Nasir Anwar, National Tanneries of Pakistan , Lahore

S Anjum Zafar, Eastern Leather, Lahore

Shafique Ahmed, Shafique Leather Enterprises, Karachi

Sh Saqib Saeed Masood, Khas Industries, Karachi

Usman Umer, S Mohammad Saeed Goreja, Karachi

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