Puma to speak at Leather and the Environment Conference

17 Feb

As one of the first companies to quantify the cost of the environmental impact of its operations and supply chain, Puma leads the way in considering environmental and economic factors that are not taken into consideration from the point of view of a traditional profit and loss account.

The message from Puma fits perfectly with the focus on environmental and sustainability issues of the Leather and the Environment conference.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share in the experiences of experts and brands on the following topics:

  • Measuring the cost of environmental impact – Puma
  • Sustainable tanning – Lanxess
  • Review of global footwear markets – Global Footwear Partnerships
  • Waste minimisation – Lectra
  • Sustainability – IWAY  – the IKEA Way – IKEA   
  • US product safety and legislation – Footwear Distributors Retailers of America (FDRA)
  • Solar power in leather making – Aschoff Solar
  • Biodegradability, including life cycle – BLC Leather Technology Centre

Organised by BLC Leather Technology Centre and APLF, the conference is sponsored by Lanxess, Lectra and Leather International.

For further information contact Chi On Kwok, email chion.kwok@ubm.com, or book online at http://apps.ubmasia.com/files/mediaobjects/Files/25/Conference/20120327/20120327_Flyer.htm

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