Reblading machine from Escomar

Continuously developing new concepts Escomar offer assistance and maintenance to tanneries and also trade in reconditioned second hand machines as well as new equipment.

At Tanning Tech this year they want to highlight their new automatic reblading machine called ‘Mega’. They also have a range of wet-blue through feed sammying machines known as the PCR series. The 3 cylinders model is called ‘PCR’, 5 cylinders ‘PCR5’ and 6 cylinders is called ‘PCR6’.

Their through-feed sammying and setting-out machine is known as ‘MVC’ will also be highlighted during the show.

Escomar also manufacture vacuum dryers with the multi-layered table type known as ‘ES’ and their dry vacuum system ‘Evo-Dry’.

Hall 35, stand C24.

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