Shanghai Richina host Global Hide Summit

The symposium discussed the global economic picture, with a focus on the beef industry, the hide markets, supply and demand, and the subsequent impact on future hide and wet blue costs. JBS participated in this year’s event which included presentations from their Chief Economist and Strategist, Cheikh Kane. In addition, Scot Shepard, JBS Beef and Cattle Risk Management presented an in-depth overview of the global cattle industry. Other JBS executives attending included Marco Sampaio, Tim Lietch, Rodrego Horvatch and Randy Geist.
Ken Maxfield, of The Maxfield Report discussed the hide market, its ups and downs, and future expectations.
According to Bob Moore, President and CEO of Shanghai Richina, ‘when there is information sharing among smart people, everybody comes away knowing more.’
Attendees included Mike Todd, SVP of Coach, Mike Sullivan, VP of Sourcing and Operations, The Rockport Company, Chris Sudborough, Director of Materials, Wolverine Worldwide, David Sharp, President and CEO, Rocky Brands, Dennis Hiller, President and CEO, GST Autoleather, and Roberto Grasso, SVP of Global Sourcing, Clarks Companies, N.A.
Shanghai Richina are a producer of wet-blue and finished leather for leading footwear and accessories brands with headquarters in Shanghai and Fuxin, China. In partnership with GST Autoleather, SRL is also a leading producer of automotive leather for leading global brands including Toyota, Shanghai GM, and Ford.

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