UNIDO highlight ‘Re-Tie’ results on YouTube

UNIDO have released the four videos on YouTube following the project activities and some positive results of the project ‘Reduction of Environmental Threats and Increase of Exportability of Bangladeshi Leather Products’ (Re-Tie) have been documented. The videos can be found on the following links.

1/ Safety matters: http://www.youtube.com/user/UNIDObeta?blend=8ob=5#p/u/7/LPcxPAG7HSQ

2/ Energy Matters: http://www.youtube.com/user/UNIDObeta?blend=8ob=5#p/u/9/1j5aWKzYT94

3/ Water matters: http://www.youtube.com/user/UNIDObeta?blend=8ob=5#p/u/6/LbUNlG7fSxg

4/ Environment matters: http://www.youtube.com/user/UNIDObeta?blend=8ob=5#//8/Bvj0KJmMgi8

A brief outline of the results is as follows: 

Safety matters
All issues related to working conditions and safety of all workers, operators and staff involved in production are the highest priority. Somehow ‘safety’ is overlooked not only by managers but also workers who underestimate risks and hazards in all workplaces, therefore a very comprehensive programme – shop floor training, demonstration, study tours etc, was implemented during the project.
Some results and activities are visible in the video. Thanks to the Re-Tie project and tannery relocations the working environment will be much better and tanneries will be safe for all workers, operators and staff.

Energy matters
In spite of the fact that energy and especially climatic conditions in South East Asian countries are very favourable for at least water heating systems somehow it is not utilised. Under the Re-Tie project in several tanneries simple Solar Water Heating Systems (SWHS) were installed. In fact there were first such SWHS ever used in Bangladeshi tanneries. Based on results achieved only by using SWHS for water heating, CO2 emissions can be reduced by more than 1,500 tonnes a year. If used for heating vacuum dryers it can be reduced further.
Several tanneries are already planning to install SWHS in their production thanks to the results achieved from the Re-tie project. What is more important that local experts trained during the project are capable to assists interested companies to install SWHS.

Water matters
Water conservation in Bangladeshi conditions is one of the priorities as water levels are decreasing quickly by more than 1-2 metres per year. Therefore several efficient measures were taken to reduce water consumption. During the project in selected units it was possible to reduce water consumption by more than 50%.  Water saving is also designed into the Common Effluent Treatment Plant in Savar.

Environment matters
Issues relating to environmental and Cleaner Technology is important to reduce pollution load from tanneries. In the video so called hair saving liming is presented. Hair saving liming was demonstrated for the first time in Bangladesh in real production by Re-Tie project. Also it was demonstrated that it is possible to adjust existing vessels (drums, paddles etc.) to use this technology.  

SWITCH Asia Networking facility provided additional material from their documentary films/videos.

The Re-Tie project is co-funded by the European Union and implemented by SEQUA (lead), BTA, BFLLFEA, bfz, DCCI and UNIDO.

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