University sign agreement with Superhouse Group

The Superhouse Group has 15 units, and a presence in more than 35 countries across the world. They are a multi-unit and multi-product conglomerate with brand leadership in the field of footwear manufacturing and exports. The Group is well equipped with the most modern machineries and a specialised workforce, and produces all types of quality leather, leather goods and textile garments that are appreciated all over the world.

Mukhtarul Amin toured the ICLT facilities at Park Campus before the memorandum was signed with the School of Science and Technology’s Deputy Dean John Sinclair.

Rachel Garwood, Director of the Institute for Creative Leather Technologies, commented: ‘Superhouse is a massive group in India and we are looking at developing short course provision with them, hopefully eventually developing leather courses at technical school level, as well as potentially certificate and degree level in the future.’

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